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Relatively weak appetite-a little food goes a long way.  Sometimes you may eat three meals a day but often the meals will be small.  It is still important to eat even if it is a snack.

Tolerance for sweets-You may be able to tolerate an occasional sweet but watch that you don’t grab the sweets whenever you are hungry for energy.  This could lead to eventually becoming hypoglycemic, insulin resistant and diabetes.

Weight Management-Because your appetite is small the tendency may be to skip a meal or eat high sugary foods that may lead to weigh gain.  Be sure and eat at least three times a day and include protein in your meal or snack.

Type-A Personality-The sympathetic dominants have classic Type A personalities.  They tend to be aggressive and goal-oriented.  Finding time to eat sometimes does not happen.

Caffeine Dependency-Depending on caffeine to get them through the day; leads to adrenal exhaustion, weakened appetite and a dive in your energy.  Creating the need for more caffeine!

By emphasizing the proper metabolic type ® diet for this type you will be able to have great energy all day without the use of sugar or caffeine.

  • Eat low fat proteins such as chicken breast or pork.
  • Watch the dairy and use small amounts and low fat.
  • Balance the carbohydrates 3 veggies to 1 fruit ratio.
  • Eat non-gluten grains only after you have eaten your proteins and vegetables.
  • Vegetable juices are great for your type if they are freshly made. However they should be mainly “green” juices not carrot as this is too high in sugar.  Avoid fruit juices.
  • Limit Legumes-Watch your intake of beans as they are higher in purines then other carbohydrates. ½-1 cup occasionally especially if you are eating a vegetarian meal.
  • Watch your fats-This does not mean to not eat fats but use them sparingly. A little bit goes along way.
  • Easy on the nuts-Nuts are a great source of protein but they are also high in fat. ¼ cup per day of unsalted raw organic nuts is generally just right.
  • Moderation of alcohol, caffeine and sugar- It is poison to your body. Be responsible and “Pick your poison”.  Limit the intake or avoid them.

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