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If you love variety, order off both weekly menus and receive 2 deliveries per week. If you don’t mind a bit of repetition throughout the week, and want to save on delivery fees, choose Monday only delivery. Once/week delivery receive items from Mon – Wedn menu only.
Food is delivered in insulated bags with ice packs, overnight on Monday and Thursday mornings. Since it arrives while you are sleeping, we need specific instructions where to leave the food, and gain access to this area. Any gate codes? Door Codes? Hidden spots to leave the bag? Please be specific. ** Delivery fees range from $15 - $30 per delivery, depending on your delivery location. Discounts on delivery fees apply based on dollar amounts of invoices.

Please use this form to sign up for an 80 Percent Percent Kitchen meal plan. Upon your initial consultation, you will be set up with a recurring plan subscription that will renew weekly until the plan is canceled by either party. Seven days notice is required when canceling & five days notice is needed for changes to your existing plan. If sufficient notice is not given, client agrees to pay the invoice whether or not the food is received. Invoices are sent on Thursdays and full payment is due by Monday at Noon at the latest. Payments are made online via Square Invoicing. Upon your first billing, you will be given the option to store a credit card on file. If you opt to store your credit card information, payments are made automatically on Fridays, while your plan remains active. By storing your credit card information, you are automatically consenting to automatic payments, until such consent is revoked with ample notice, and in writing.