Custom Meal Plans

Healthy Meal Delivery in LA

Customized meal plans vary in price, based on a number of factors. Here are a few examples of plan costs, to give you an idea of the costs.

  • 5 day healthy Gourmet | 2000 Calories/day
    ~ $200 
  • 6 days a week Paleo Plan | 2500 Calories/day
    ~ $250
  • 5 day sample Keto Plan | 3000 Calories/day
    ~ $300

It all depends on what gets you the best results. The only way to maximize your investment in health and fitness is with a meal plan specifically designed for you.

Daily Foundation Bundle

Prepared Healthy Meals

Don't need a full meal plan? Maybe you just want Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner a few days a week? No problem. 

We can help you stay within your plan, by providing the first 1500 calories of your day. You do the rest!

You might not want us to make all your food, but we can still help you stay on track by taking out most of the guesswork.

* $32/day Healthy Gourmet menu only, does not include fish options. $35/day with fish options

* Inquire about Paleo & Keto bundles

Busy Bee Bundle

Busy Bee Bundle

Don't need a full meal plan and you’ve got breakfast covered? No problem. The Busy Bee Bundle is Lunch & Dinner for just $25/day ($28 with fish options). We can still help you stay within your calorie range, by providing the first 1200 calories of your day. The five-day per week Busy Bee Bundle is our most popular plan with busy professionals.

Cleanse Packages 7 Day

Choose from multiple Cleanse packages or

customize a cleanse for any length of time

at just $40 per day.

We make the food, you just have to eat it!