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The Consultation Process

Every body is different. Once you understand that very simple truth, you realize that a cookie-cutter diet is never going to get you the results you want. Sure, there are some general rules of thumb to follow, but how do you know if they apply to you and your specific fitness goals?

Step 1:

The first step in the 80 Percent Kitchen process is a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of our trained meal planners. We take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, your fitness regime and your goals.

Step 2:

Next, we work together to customize a meal plan that is designed for you and your lifestyle. To do this, we must first determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which represents the minimum amount of the calories you should be getting every single day. From there, we factor in your lifestyle and fitness routine to determine how to feed your fitness. In most cases, some of your food will come from us, but most people like to do a few meals themselves during the week. We will show you how to create a plan flexible enough to allow for dinners out, business lunches and even a weekly cheat meal.

Step 3:

Once we know your weekly calories, we will work together to determine the best 80PK plan for you. That’s it… Your first delivery will come in just a few days.


Calculate your BMI/BMR

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The old adage: “Calories in, Calories out” is way out of date. If that’s how you’re still thinking about your nutrition, you may be getting it wrong. Like so many things in life, it’s not quite that simple. If someone tells you it doesn’t matter WHAT you eat, don’t believe them. If someone tells you not to eat at a certain time, don’t believe them. It’s never quite that simple.

You NEED to know YOUR BMR to create the perfect plan for you. Once you know this number, it’s actually relatively easy to determine your daily calories for optimum fitness. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or put on muscle, your calorie range essentially boils down to a math equation.  Start with our online calculator, then contact us for your FREE, no obligation consultation to interpret your results.


FREE Fitness Consultation

Schedule your FREE fitness consultation TODAY! Give us 30 minutes, and we’ll tell you WHAT you should be eating, HOW MUCH you should be eating and WHEN. Then, we will customize a meal plan just for you – one designed to help you achieve your fitness goals at long last!

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