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Kick Start Cleanse Diet Body Program

Strong Appetites- You may feel the need to eat frequently, even after a meal or snack.  Overeating can be a problem.

Cravings for Fatty, Salty Foods- If you begin to eat rich fatty foods with carbohydrates such as pizza with sausage, you will find yourself craving sugar; the more you eat the more you want.

Failure with Low-fat Low Calorie Diets- Losing weight by counting calories does not work for you.  Eating good quality protein along with vegetables and healthy fats does work.

  • Focus on protein and fat at every meal or snack along with vegetables or your preferred fruits (but eat those sparingly).
  • Purine-containing foods are best for your type. These are oxidized (converting to energy) at the proper rate for your metabolism.
  • Snack as Needed. Make sure your snacks are protein and fat rich.  Stay away from the carbohydrate snacks.
  • Be very cautious of grains and high starch carbohydrates. They convert to sugar very quickly in your system leaving you wanting more.
  • Fruits do not do well in most protein types. They should be eaten at the end of the meal and in small amounts.
  • Eat Fats and Oils. These satisfy you as long as they are pure.  Stay away from partially hydrogenated, margarines and trans-fats.  Eat organic butter raw if possible along with cold pressed oils.
  • Avoid Alcohol. Caffeine, Sugar, Fruit juices and High Glycemic Foods.

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